Well the Amigos think it’s a simple equation too but how many times do we all ignore the basic math-facts when we go out for a night on the town? Have you actually counted how many times you’ve partied your lil toosh off on a big night out… shall we say for an average eleven hour shift for example? This scenario, as we all are aware, plays out something like this. You start at 6pm the night before and unbeknownst to yourself, you enter into the twilight zone; the hours have flown by, you’ve slammed back more than you can count, grab a cab and you’re in bed by 3am the following day. You have totally overdone it and end up crawling out of bed by 2pm to 3pm that day feeling utterly shattered!
Here’s where the Maths come in; that’s a 9-hour stint of partying subtracted by the next 12 hours of feeling like crap you are about to go through and guess what? You’re down 3 hours. Now multiply that by how many times you have done this and you are most likely talking weeks if not months, literally wasted away!! Q1: Was it worth it? Hell no!! This being the answer while you’re dealing with an exploding headache, dizziness and cramming that sausage roll down your throat begging yourself for forgiveness while promising once again… never again! Q2: Why do we repeat this cycle over and over again with ourselves? Trust the Amigos as we know, it’s quite easy to get off the hamster wheel if you want but you must first you must realise you’re on it.

Rules of Future Engagement that the Hombres call “DDEW” as in do and doo that is.

This has a double meaning of course. You can take our fatherly advice and just ‘DDEW it’ but also if you don’t take our advice given below you can guarantee you’re going to feel like ‘DDEW’ for many future mornings to come.

  • (D) Don’t mix your alcohol under any circumstance
  • (D) Don’t mix organic with non-organic wine as you will feel the negative side effects regardless
  • (E) Eat something good for you not just once but throughout the night
  • (W) Water; preferably a glass after every glass of Organic, Biodynamic and Chemical Free wine

Follow these DDEW rules and we can pretty much guarantee you will wake up feeling like actually enjoying the day instead of despising it.
Just to inform everyone out there we still have no takers on our last offer so we’re upping the ante folks. We are now offering you a 12-pack of wine if you can find proof of another winery out there that offers a chemical free alternative that is commerically viable. And to reiterate, we have only found ONE so far. Any help is happily rewarded. So let us know when you do.

REWARD: A proven chemical free wine in the vicinity of planet Earth that retails for under $50/bottle. If found the Amigos will offer you a 12-bottle delivery to your front door absolutely free.

The Chem Free Three

The Amigos

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