Hola Chem free Fans,
I spoke at a wine tasting event where over 100 people attended. I asked everyone to raise their hand if they personally were wine intolerant or they knew of someone who was. 80% of the room raised a hand. Incredible I thought! If it wasn’t for the evidence of raised hands in the air, I wouldn’t have believed it myself! It’s a reality that I don’t think the wine industry is even considering a problem yet, let alone the consumer. We admit it makes no sense as to why the industry would allow so many chemicals in their wines when it is literally turning people away from their products.
Obviously from the show of hands I received that night there seems to be a little problem forming out there called intolerance due to ingredients that are not good for our bodies. And for whatever reason it seems accepted and allowed. Why is this? Why is the wine industry specifically, allowed this loophole yet all other consumable products must show us exactly what they contain? I mean even dog food has an ingredients label. Are dogs and cats more deserving than us? I’d like to see the contents in all wines as mandatory and I think there are a lot of other people that would like to see the same. We believe it’s because it’s outright wrong to allow anyone to ingest some of the horrible ingredients allowed in wine that just don’t need to be there.
Just imagine how much time all of us spend in our lives making sure that we eat exactly what we choose by reading the exact ingredients of everything from chips to dips. Simply put everyone should have the right to know what they are putting into their bodies. Then, when an alcoholic beverage enters the picture, we are stone-walled by a curtain of non-existent or a very limited ingredients on the label. What’s up with that the Amigos say? Are we giving the industry our full reign of trust and believe they are going to do what is best for the consumer? Excuse me, when has that actually happened successfully? We are literally blinded by a curtain of what the industry is allowing in most alcoholic beverages and we feel this seriously needs to be addressed. Simple as that!
The Amigos aim is blow open these and many other questions that many of you may also have. Just as an example, imagine if we the consumers helped create a new label called 100% Chemical Free. We would simply ask every winery to allow us to test their wine for what is actually in it, alleviating any questions about the wine’s contents. Guess what… we think this is a good plan. Bottom line it’s up to us as consumers to change things and if we don’t speak up soon 1 out of 3 of us will become intolerant to wine consumption due to all the “baddies” allowed in many of the wines we consume daily. That’s just a plain shame in our opinion.
We hope you will take the time to let us know what you personally think as we need to know if we are barking up the wrong vine.
Thanks for your support
The Chem Free Three

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