HOLA Wine Lovers!! Guess what? Nobody has come up with a proven Chemical free wine under $50/bottle yet. In fact, nobody has come up with anything at all! We’re not surprised but then again now wondering if we have the only excellent tasting wine in the country that is Chemical Free; no stimuli, no artificial fertilizers, no hormones, no pesticides or herbicides and vegan friendly and all proven by a chemical analysis? The Hombres sombreros are hovering over our heads as we still can’t believe it. Therefore, we have decided to up the Ante offering anyone who finds another Chemical Free wine that is commercially viable, one 12-pack of wine on us and delivered at our expense. We’re hoping this will entice our readers and/or our wine connoisseurs to have a serious look out there just as we have done. The Amigos have been trying but have had no success yet in uncovering another wine that is proven by chemical analysis to be Chemical Free. Have we already found the mother-load? So far it seems to be. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

The Chem Free 3

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