Viva La Vegan

To all Vegans,
Buenos Dias Wine Lovers from the Amigos who are striving to bring you the best wines on the planet via our chemical free wine site. Thanks for joining us.
The Amigos have found another category of wine that needs further clarification called VEGAN FRIENDLY. A Vegan is a person who chooses not to eat or use animal products in any way or form and yes this includes wine. Imagine just for a moment… no animal products in anything you ingest. Hard to fathom but it is how many people choose to live on a daily basis. So how does this relate to wine exactly you may ask?
Well… believe it or not some wine makers do use animal products in a process called “fining” or “stripping” which is the only reason we are able to pour a brightly coloured and clear glass of wine with no traces of a foggy or hazy appearance. Within the process, fining agents act as a magnet attracting those haze making molecules. As the fining agent collects these molecules, they can then be more easily removed, creating the robust colours and clarity that every wine drinker loves.
Unfortunately for the our Vegan friends out there some fining agents are made up of animal proteins (gelatin), egg whites (albumin), fish bladder (isinglass) and milk protein known as (casein). So… why all the fuss? Well, the Amigos found out through our Vegan friends that during the fining process tiny traces of these agents end up in the wine and therefore cannot hold the title of “Vegan Friendly”. Comprende the Amigos say!!
Oh yes, we forgot to mention, our Chemical Free site offers to you “Organic One” wine which falls under this “Vegan Friendly” category as they do not use any animal products in their fining process. They choose one of the best two alternatives which is clay (Bentonite) and Activated Charcoal, the former being the Bonic Estate’s preferred choice.
To all those Vegans out there we’d like to know what your favourite Vegan Friendly wines are. Could you please drop us a line and let us know.
Until next time… Viva La Vegan!!!!!

The Chem Free Three
The Amigos

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