Good Time to Find Another Chemical Free Wine

December 04, 2014

Good Time to Find Another Chemical Free Wine

Hola Chem Free Fans,

The Three Amigos don’t know about you but we have had it! Out of all the wines in this entire country, we have only found one so far that has proven their claim to be chemical free and if we do say so ourselves, as do countless others, it is an excellent tasting drop at that. Yet, we’re finding it hard to believe there is only one in the entire country. We are seriously searching for more and would like to ask for your help.

Bottom line, I think we’d all like to know exactly what we’re drinking when it comes to one of Australia’s favourite past times; sitting down after a long day and having a glass of wine. Yet, is it doing us more harm than good? How many chemicals are allowed in one glass of wine by the way? Why are so many of us becoming intolerant to wine these days? A friend who runs a bottle shop said he has at least one person a week claiming their doctor has recommended they switch to a less chemically ridden wine due to their intolerances. According to what the Amigos just found out every different certifying body across the country allows different amounts of different chemicals and trying to decipher it all is like unravelling the winner on Melbourne Cup Day. Exaclty…good luck!

We hear a lot of people saying a lot of things but the question always arises, who can we really trust? The certifying bodies of the Australian wine industry are very clear about what they don’t allow but not very clear on what they do allow. Bottom line… the Amigos feel it shouldn’t be this bloody hard for such a lovely past time and it’s becoming very troublesome for all of us. And let’s just get one thing straight, there are certain amounts of chemicals still allowed in Organic, Biodynamic as well as preservative free wines. Do you know what they are? Can we please share this valuable information to others so we can all spend more time knowing exactly what we’re meant to be enjoying and less time guessing what we’re ingesting?

Please spread the word and let everyone know we’re searching for any wines that claim they are chemical free. For every Chemical Free Wine you find besides the one we’ve already found, the Amigos will happily send a 12- pack case of that wine to you absolutely free as long as the price tag is under $50/bottle which we think is only fair. It must also be proven by an authentic chemical test and sent to our site. We’ll be happy to post it on your behalf with our sincere congratulations because so far we’ve only found one under the sun that’s unbelievably Chemical Free.

Now is a good time to find another chemical free wine!!

Wishing you the best in a mutually beneficial quest.

The Chem Free Three

The Amigos