Toilet Talks

April 01, 2015

Toilet Talks

Hey Wine Lovers,

Guess what? Most people are walking around totally dehydrated every day replacing there fluids by drinking way too much coffee, soft drinks and everything else but water. Yes… mom was right and the Amigos couldn’t agree more!

Now just imagine you start a big night out and you’re totally lacking in some good ol H2O? Dehydration and a alcohol combination is a sure remedy for having a short and nasty night out. Your body will definitely let you know how bad the combination is through a headache, troublesome tummy, dizziness or the ultimate literal downer, hugging that ceramic toilet bowl. You might as well throw your wallet in the toilet as well as that’s where your hard earned dollars will end up if you don’t head a little advice.

The Amigos highly recommend you start looking in the toilet bowl at the beginning of night while you’re still standing instead of at the end of the night on your knees, the horrible alternative we all prefer to avoid. The first time you go the bathroom at the start of your night have a serious look at the colour of your urine and remember this little rhyme; yellow it’s time to mellow, white you’re doing alright! Yellow urine is a sure sign your body is screaming out for some H2O as you’re totally dehydrated and if you don’t supply it, you will ultimately pay the physical price for ignoring your own bodily facts.

As a rule, if you do start feeling horrible after a glass or two of wine best to immediately have a couple glasses of water to reboot your system and it is recommended you stay clear of alcohol until your urine goes white instead of yellow; a typical sign of dehydration that most people totally overlook or ignore completely.

Secondly, if you go back to drinking some more, choose Chemical Free. Your body will thank you for it in the morning. If you bar tender doesn’t have it, speak to the manager and ask them why they don’t serve it. A simple question that could change things easily. If you don’t ask they’ll just keeping serving the same and I think we can agree we’re all tired of the same ol drink that does nothing for you.

The Chem Free Three

The Amigos