Blanc de Blanc (1 Dozen)

To create this wonderful Organic One Blanc de Blanc we use juice from fruit that’s been allowed to sit on the skins for an extra day before beginning fermentation. As there’s plenty of complexity in the flavours to begin with the majority of the
wine doesn’t require any additional cultured yeasts during the initial eco multi-flora fermenting period. Afterwards, we allow a small amount of the wine to mature with oak for two months and we also allow part of the wine to undergo Malolactic fermentation.

This Blanc de Blanc is an absolute ball and makes every occasion a fabulous occasion, whether you’re with friends, family or just wanting to enjoy a moment of perfect bliss, its vibrant nature and elegant flavours make every moment a perfect one of happiness.

Organic One Blanc de Blanc will keep well in a cellar for up to 3 years.

Alcohol 12%
pH 3.36
TA 6.54 g/L
VA .28 g/l
Residual Sugar 1.63 g/L