Bonics Estate – Taste the Divine

In ancient times wine was known as the ‘drink of the gods.’ It was revered as having divine qualities – a living elixir that could awaken the senses and fuel the soul. Not only did it taste divine, but it had healing properties – capable of restoring, de-stressing and energising.

Wine can be a divine drink – but only when it’s made the right way.

Bonics Divine Wines not only taste good, they make you feel great too. They taste moorish for good reason – because they are giving you a natural energy boost – de-stressing your mind, and revitalising your body. For this reason, our wines are one of a kind.

How are Divine Wines different?

Over 99% of the world’s wines are made using chemical and super bug fermentation.This ensures higher yields – but it also damages the natural balance of microbes in the soil, and strips the nutrient value of the grapes, and so the wine itself.

We take a different approach. We work with nature, not against it.

Established in 1970 on specially selected virgin soil, our vines have never been exposed to chemicals – and we don’t use chemicals at any stage of the winemaking process. Instead we harness the natural plant spirit energy within the vines and nurture this energy all the way through to the wines themselves – giving them super food qualities. So not only do they taste vibrant – they also give you a natural energetic boost.

In the vineyard we capture the natural plant spirit energy contained within the soil – and ensure it flows through into the vines – and on to the grapes. We focus on creating healthy living soil – using a unique composting and energetics system.  This biologically charges the vines with biologically charged bio minerals to produce grapes that are positively charged with higher levels of photo-nutrients and minerals. We produce low-yielding grapevines that deliver the healthiest, vibrant, flavourful grapes.

In the winery we use a special micro flora process to ensure the nutrients and minerals within the grapes are transferred into the wine. Instead of using commercial yeast, we use thousands of natural wild yeasts and we use specially designed winemaking equipment. This gives our wines the positively-charged minerals and nutrients that energise you, and leave you clear-headed the next day.

The result is a pure, unadulterated, vibrant wine that de-tresses the mind and revitalises the body.

Those who have sampled our wines know there’s something quite unique about them. They comment on their moorish, yummy taste – as well as the way they uplift you while you are enjoying them, then leave you feeling clear-headed the next day. People who are normally sensitive or even allergic to wine have no problems enjoying our wines.