Chemical Free Rhymes of Reason

June 23, 2018

Chemical Free Rhymes of Reason

Know exactly the ingredients of what you drink and eat, even if it’s a treat!

If there is more than three lines of ingredients it’s most assuredly a deviant

Try to let your body heal itself and if possible, stay away from the pharmaceutical shelf

When cleaning use the most natural of products that are created with meaning

If you want to have fun please go outside into the sun

Rid yourself of using a lot of toilet paper when it comes to colon cancer it’s a breaker

Take off your shoes and walk on Mother Earth she’ll be happy to give you a rebirth

Take all body products that are not real and start a fresh it will be the best thing for your flesh

TV time should be limited if not emitted, choose carefully what you watch as there is always a cost

A computer has its place as long as it not taking up most of your time and space

A hug is the best drug

Know you can fly when your body is on a chemical free high and make sure to stop and realise it, because most likely it’s time to say thank you to your spirit.

It’s totally up to you, only you can change what you do and now is the time to make your move.

Wishing you the best in your new Chem Free Quest
The Three Amigos