The Aim of "The Three Amigos"

June 23, 2016

The Aim of

There are three of us who are wine drinkers and we’re called “The Three Amigos”. We’re regular blokes that love our kids and our wives and our wine and not necessarily always in that order. Yes…we’re just normal guys on a mission to do the right thing and we’d love if you joined us in our quest to find the best wines on the planet…literally!

As many of you, the Amigos have had our fair share of wine in our day. We’ll happily admit we love wine and though some would think sacrilegious in the land of Auz we much prefer it rather than beer! After looking around at all the types of wines and what ingredients they hold known and unknown, we have decided to make it our mission to inform you ‘the wine connoisseur’ what those ingredients are and what possible affects they can have on you and your body. We will never claim to be experts or know it all and we’ll be caught out and make mistakes but as our wives would say, ‘at least we’re giving it a go’!  And that’s exactly what we’re going to do on our site and hopefully with your help.

organic vineyardIn a nutshell, the Amigos job is to clarify the facts and to debunk all the confusion in regards to what we’re all drinking…really drinking in the wines we consume. More importantly to keep you informed about the chemicals added before, during and after the wine has been bottled. We’d like you to be clear about what chemicals are required and not required during the wine making process and to review, clarify and then substantiate this information not only using our research but everyone’s, sharing it with all wine lovers across our beautiful countryside. We all deserve to know exactly the contents of the wine we’re drinking. For whatever reason it seems to be a very complicated process to find this out and the Amigos don’t think it should be.

With so many types of wines out there now; Branded, Organic, Biodynamic, Preservative Free, Natural and now Chemical Free, I think we’d all like to know what in the heck all these labels mean and more importantly what Chemicals do the wine industry allow in the wines we drink? How many certifying bodies are out there and why are they all different from State to State. I mean seriously… what consumer wouldn’t be baffled by the over-inundation of information out there? It’s way too confusing and we believe for one particular reason, to confuse us, the consumer.

The Amigos are seriously tired of it all folks and will assume you are as well. We just want the facts and when those facts are difficult to find we assume there’s a reason and I can guarantee it’s not in our best interest. So let us delve in and have a serious look at the industry and what wine’s their producing and why.

Most of us know at least one person that has some intolerance to wine these days. It makes the Amigos want to go MMMM? We suspected this is due to all the chemicals used to retain a wine’s colour, taste, texture, body and shelf life now coined by one of our kids as the “baddies”!

Therefore the Amigos main quest is to find the best! There are many claims made but few that will pass the Amigos Certified Authentic Test known as (CAT) which involves literally bringing the wine bottle to a lab to have it independently tested for its chemical content. Imagine that folks? Actually uncovering what we’re drinking separating the Fibbers from Truthers. Sound simple? We thought so as well.

So far, the Amigos have put a lot of time and energy into this website and as we have families to feed and wives to please and other jobs to consider so we’re going to ask for your support as we cannot do it alone and have no intentions of doing so as what fun is that? So we’re asking all wine lovers to unite please. This is our chance to ask the wine makers the truth or at least uncover it for ourselves.

wine bottleWe are not going to beat around the bush here either. Part of the support you can lend the Amigos will come in the form of ordering what we believe to be one of the best wines on the planet. We’ll go so far as calling it a superfood.

So far, the Amigos have acquired, verified and authenticated a lab test of one wine in particular and its chemical free status is one that stands alone, thus far, anywhere else in Australia or for that matter the world. This is by a wine maker that is not very well known but one that has perfected his craft beyond our expectations of taste, texture, body and colour over the past 70 years.  It is a truly remarkable wine that exemplifies what we are hoping to find more of in the world of wine’s.

If anyone else out there knows another vineyard that can claim the same, please let us know. We believe wine should be as it was meant to be…absolutely Chemical Free!

So welcome to our site and don’t forget our motto…

Cheers to drinking less and enjoying more!

The Three Amigos